The scars of survival
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When the lines on a map are being redrawn, the lives of those living within them can never be the same. Step into the shoes of people caught in the crosshairs of history, as Russian forces invade Ukraine to reclaim the former Soviet territory and bring it back into the fold…whether the Ukrainians want to or not. Surviving in such trying times is never easy, what’s worse, dying in them can be just as difficult.

While centered around a war, the combat and casualties themselves are less the focus of the books so much as the catalyst for the themes explored in the character’s experiences. The concepts of love and loyalty are put to the test. Faith and religion amid utter madness is closely examined. The value of hope is questioned, and the cost of survival is weighed alongside it. If your think you can handle it, then come explore the physical and mental lengths a person can push themselves through for a cause they believe in, as well as the sheer depths their spirit can sink to along the way, here in the pages of…THE SCARS OF SURVIVAL

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Interview Questions

  • How did you come up with these stories?
  • What made you choose to write these stories?
  • Why did you self-publish through Amazon?
  • Are there any authors or stories that inspired your writing?
  • Do you have any other projects planned for the future?
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